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For now, reserves will be held until October 1st, when the next app round is processed. Feel free to apply before this. You may swap out reserves here whenever.

I ask that even if you are planning to app Original Characters (OCs), you use this page to reserve a PB for them, because I'd like to avoid facial doubling as much as possible. This game is hopefully going to be OC heavy/friendly, but we do accept canon chars as well. However, all non-live action characters must be given a PB as well, so take this into account if you wanted to app a cartoon or anime character.

List of off limits PBs is available here.

You may make up to three reservations, only two of which may be for canon characters. This is the baseline character cap for the game.

Please use the appropriate form below to reserve:

Original Characters:

Canon Characters:

Currently Held Reserves [Canon]


Currently Held Reserves [Original]